It’s been quiet here for a few days, I haven’t really made any posts. We can all blame thank CCP for that, the makers of Eve Online. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


About a week ago I made of Nathaniel, who had sent in a red ringed Xbox 360 in for repairs. Because of bad communication between a Microsoft customer service representative, and their repair facility, Nathaniel lost a very special Xbox. It certainly doesn’t replace the sentimental value of the original case, but it’s definitely some cool stuff. I think its awesome that Bungie cares enough to do something like this!


bs angel, over at the Hawty Mcbloggy blog, has a heart breaking (at least to me) story, of how Microsoft screwed over someone who sent in an Xbox 360 for repairs. You can get the details of the story here.

According to the post, Microsoft claims they are looking into the situation, but I don’t rightly know what they could do for this guy.

Nathaniel, the man mentioned in the article, had an Xbox 360 which he travelled with. Where he travelled to, I don’t know but it was probably some really cool places, because during his travels he had collected signatures of notable people in the gaming community. He even had a custom drawing done on the Xbox by Luke McKay, the lead artist for RoosterTeeth Productions, the people who brought us Red vs Blue.

Nathaniel’s Xbox finally succumbed to the red-ring of death issue, and was forced to send it into Microsoft. Needless to say Microsoft returned the console, sans signatures. As it turns out, someone actually cleaned the Xbox at the repair centre, cleaned it so well in fact that they removed the signatures and custom art that had been done with a permanent marker.

If I were Nathaniel, I would be heart-broken, and I certainly hope that Microsoft does something sufficient to make up for this.