I wish I had a camera!!!!

February 28, 2008

If I am going to fully immerse myself in blogging, I am going to need a camera. For example, at this very moment, there is lady bug crawling along the top of my monitor, its very picturesque. But anyone reading this has got to just take me at my word, which to be honest, on the internet not many people do.

Oh well, in the coming months I will eventually get a camera. Then I will be able to start taking pictures. Until then however, people will just need to believe what they read, and I hope they do.

I’ve been looking on Craigslist, to see if I might find a good deal. The only problem with Craigslist is you can easily get scammed.

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2 Responses to “I wish I had a camera!!!!”

  1. Don’t think you need a camera to blog. After all, blogs are often mainly text anyway.

    Notice, I did not say don’t use images! I use images in my posts, screenshots, and the like–though rarely outside of conferences and other events do I take pictures and upload them.

    Consider, there is not a single “right” way to blog.

  2. maxmorin Says:

    I suppose that’s true. But I’ve always been a more visual person. So for me, pictures would be a great way to express myself.

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