Pranksters bring wifi enabled Desktops to Starbucks!

February 25, 2008

This type of thing amuses me to no end, I always love a good prank, and the best pranks are the one’s where no one is hurt or embarassed. The people over at Improv Everywhere have been organizing elaborate pranks for a while now. 

The best ones that have happened recently,have all taken place in New York, and this one is no different.

Their latest prank is a little bit more subtle, but funny none-the-less. They decided to lug old desktop computers into Starbucks, and use them like any other customer would use a laptop. But enough of my description, take a look at the video after the jump.

The sight of seeing people lugging huge travel bags into the Starbucks, with old CRT monitors is just pure funny to me.  It had me chuckling through out the entire video.  The just the sheer confusion experienced by everyone not in on the prank was priceless.

 Check out their site for more pranks and video’s!



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