Social Networking 101

February 22, 2008

So when the last discussion ended, I was sort of boxed into my seat and couldn’t get out of the room without displacing quite a few people. I guess thats my fault for picking a seat in the middle of the row.

Lucky for me the discussion that just started is perfect for me, its about how to drive traffic, or promote your blog. Definitely something I need to do because no one knows my blog yet. In fact I am fairly certain that not a single person has even seen this site yet. Which I suppose is good, because it looks like crap right now. Too bad I can’t get a Kickstart for my blog.

HaH! This discussion was just totally sideswiped by the mention of “I Can Has Cheezburger?” and “lolcats”. Everyone loves a good lolcat, and who knew they can help drive traffic! Awesome!

Managed to get a question in, which is good because the information I got was awesome. Information i’ll be able to use to try and promote my new little corner of the interwebz. Hopefully I can use that info successfully.

Well the discussion is over, and I have to get outta this chair.

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