Kotaku – Fox News claims “Video Gamers Leave Baby To Die”

February 22, 2008

Fox News Headline – Video Gamers Leave Baby To Die

The gaming blog Kotaku is reporting today that Fox News had a story on their home page with a title of “Video Gamers Leave Baby To Die”. Fox News seems to have targeted video games and gamers in general of late. The actual headline of the article is “Parents of Baby Left Alone in Car Seat for 8 Days Face Murder Charges”, but Fox News linked to this article on their homepage with nasty jab at gamers. It seems like someone at Fox News thought that the sensationalist claim they made on their home page would attract readers. I’m sure it works, but at the expense of gamers. Non-gamers who read headlines like that are likely to take them at face value. This makes gamers look bad to the general populace, and gives people like Jack Thompson more ammunition.

Just a few weeks ago Fox News ran a feature on TV about Mass Effect, and how it contained graphic sex. Anyone who’s played Mass Effect knows that this is completely untrue, there certainly is a part of the game where characters engage in intercourse. But what the game shows is no more graphic then the kind of sex people see on TV everyday.

I for one am tired of gamers being the target of all this negative publicity when it is not warranted.

[From: kotaku.com]

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