Great day behind me, rough night ahead of me…

February 22, 2008

I had a great day today at the Northern Voice 2008 internet boot camp. It was an exceptionally informative day, and I met lots of great people! I even started my own blog, albeit an one lost in obscurity, at least for now.

I was going to go out and have fun with a few people I met last night at the opening party. Sadly I wont be able to, because this morning I awoke to find my desktop computer will not boot, it appears that my motherboard is not receiving any power. So either the motherboard died, or my power supply bit it. Because my desktop computer is the only computer I own, I really have to fix it or I am disconnected from the world.

As I write this my room mate and I are trying to bring it back, but so far we aren’t having much luck. Due to the strange circumstances of how this problem came to be, my room mate blames a nameless ghost, as there is no reason really, why it shouldn’t be working.

<sigh> It looks like I might be up late again.

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3 Responses to “Great day behind me, rough night ahead of me…”

  1. R Thugster Says:

    Not a nameless ghost because it won;t boot, that’s normal for computers, I;m surprised they ever boot tbh. I blame a nameless ghost, because the power button was smashed into the case, and it could only be repaired by taking the front panel off of the case. since the Yarbo’s chair has nothing at the same height as the button, and the cats don;t have thumbs (as of yesterday, haven’t checked today), I see no other explanation than a ghost. who by the way won;t be nameless, if it turns out there is a ghost. I’ll name it F**ker, whether it likes it or not.


  2. Arjun Singh Says:

    Hi Max,we missed you at dinner tonight, but understand the predicament you are experiencing. Best of luck getting it all fixed. and keep blogging, you are doing really well so far.

  3. maxmorin Says:

    Thanks for understanding, as of Monday, I finally have everything back up and running. Which is good.

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