A lot about nothing

February 22, 2008

So far this blog isn’t really about anything, but then again its only a few hours old. My biggest passion happens to be gaming, and what goes on in the video game industry. So expect to see a lot of posts about game news, game reviews, or other general gaming nonsense. Its not just going to be about games, but I don’t know what its really going to be yet.

Right now most of what I post will be focused on the Northern Voice 2008 conference, as you may have noticed if your browsing this blog.

If you happen to see this, and are feeling somewhat generous, please, please, PLEASE let people know about my blog! I promise I’ll return the favor… somehow.

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One Response to “A lot about nothing”

  1. Chris L Says:

    Welcome! I’m sure you’ll find your voice and that, in the end, is what draws links and traffic. Nice to meet you at the conference today!

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